1. I just thought you would like to know why my blog is named like that.. :)

    Well the pressure kids… they own asphalt, they won’t roll the die,

    they just ask what they eat through the world of sick with words of shit,
    or the sad songs they will love to hate,
    they’re just reaching through the worst of their kind

    Oh the pressure kids, they’re over sin’s cuz they hold the die
    do it all in the name of the weak and the wrong

    The pressure kids they won’t control the die or sue their shoes of the constant tragedy

    Pressure kids they won’t own the die they will love to hate
    and eat through the heart ‘till it all goes away

    The pressure kids… they all love to play themselves, all to blame themselves
    the pressure kids… they all love to play themselves,
    they all just play their ends and all the giving in

    Well the pressure kids, they like to escalate, believe the measurers will form an alarm
    with the silence that speaks to the ridlin mouths and the tongues of hate/late
    who live the save-me lives and fall into arms that will always give us away

    The pressure kids…